Understanding search traffic is crucial for your dental practice. It comprises branded and unbranded search. Branded search is when patients search for your practice by name, while unbranded search involves those looking for dental services without specifying a practice. Analyzing unbranded search volume is vital. It reveals your practice's online visibility and competitiveness beyond existing patients. Evaluating unbranded search helps assess your website's effectiveness in attracting new patients actively seeking dental services.

By optimizing for unbranded search, you expand your patient base and stay competitive in the digital landscape. This knowledge allows you to make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategies, website optimization, and content creation, ensuring you stay ahead in the digital landscape and attract a steady stream of new patients.


In our self assessments, the data is organized visually on a 1% - 100% scale with corresponding letter grades. This allows you to quickly get a sense of where your practice stands relative to all others in the index (and basically, all others period).

However, we recommend you also follow the "75th Percentile" rule when grading your own practice. That is, if your practice is at or above the 75th percentile, you're right where you want to be (over 90% of all measured marketing metrics in the DDMI occur at or above the 75th percentile). If you are below this percentile, well, that's statistically speaking to be expected. But it's also a warning sign that your practice is probably generating considerably less on this metric than top practices in your area, and might warrant action.


Unbranded search traffic refers to visitors who arrive at a website through search queries that do not include the practice’s name, location or any variations of its brand. It is especially important as a measure of a dental practice website’s ability to bring in new patients that are showing signs of transactional search behavior, indicating interest and need of dental services.


1. Google Search Console

2. Google Analytics

3. SEO tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz)


1,026 unique web visits per month.


1. High-quality SEO content, and lots of it

2. A purpose-built SEO website

3. High-quality referring domains

4. www.room-118.com/letstalk

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