But hold your horses, there's more in the DDMI. Direct traffic ain't the only player in the game. Search traffic also gets a big slice of the pie. It's more evenly spread, but guess what? The top 1% still outshine the rest, showin' a lower standard deviation. That means those top dogs are keepin' it consistent with their strategies and results.

Now here's the twist. Referral traffic is where the top 1% shines bright. Surprise, surprise! Only those badass practices benefit from links from partners or review platforms like Healthgrades or Yelp. Other dental practices are sleepin' on this goldmine. Time to wake up and get a piece of that action, you hear?

Here's somethin' unexpected: social media ain't all that when it comes to dental website traffic. Despite its massive influence in other fields, it barely makes a dent, less than 0.6% of total traffic. Sure, it helps with awareness, but it's not drivin' folks to those dental websites. We gotta dig deeper to figure out why and find ways to leverage it better.

Lastly, paid ads. They can suck up your marketing budget real quick if you don't handle 'em right. But if you do, they can bring in some valuable traffic. Except, hold your horses again, 'cause unless you're part of the top 1%, paid ads don't contribute much to website traffic. Maybe folks ain't usin' 'em or they ain't convertin' those ads into website visits. But with careful planning and execution, paid ads could be a golden ticket for growth.