GMB reviews matter to dental practices as they directly impact their online reputation and influence potential patients' decisions. Positive reviews build trust and attract new patients. The GMB compound review score is useful because it combines review volume and average rating into a single metric.

It provides an overview of overall performance, balancing quality and quantity of reviews. This score helps the practice owner quickly assess their reputation, identify areas of strength, and areas needing improvement. It serves as a valuable tool for reputation management, attracting more patients, and maintaining a positive online presence.


In our self assessments, the data is organized visually on a 1% - 100% scale with corresponding letter grades. This allows you to quickly get a sense of where your practice stands relative to all others in the index (and basically, all others period).

However, we recommend you also follow the "75th Percentile" rule when grading your own practice. That is, if your practice is at or above the 75th percentile, you're right where you want to be (over 90% of all measured marketing metrics in the DDMI occur at or above the 75th percentile). If you are below this percentile, well, that's statistically speaking to be expected. But it's also a warning sign that your practice is probably generating considerably less on this metric than top practices in your area, and might warrant action.


Derived by multiplying the total number of a practice’s Google My Business reviews by that practice’s average review rating to arrive at a single point value. GMB compound review score is a useful metric that balances both volume and quality in a single metric. This allows a practice to quickly assess overall performance on Google My Business reviews, and quickly identify any points of focus.


1. Google My Business Profile

2. Review Automation Platforms (Birdeye, Yotpo, ReviewTrackers)


1,684 Total compound review score


1. Professionally respond to all reviews you receive

2. Deploy review automation platform tools


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Model: 2023 Dental Digital Marketing Index GMB Reviews